A Look Inside A Luxury Home


A Look Inside A Luxury Home


Luxury homes are all about bespoke design, beautiful finish, and the perfect mix of amenities. For those who demand a property with a difference, high-end properties promise a quality of life that brings together sophisticated design with a personalised living space. Today, we take a tour of some of the features you might find in a luxury home.


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Keeping It Entertaining

Luxury homes are as much playgrounds as they are a place to relax and entertain. Home entertainment systems are increasingly sophisticated, meaning that these set-ups combine dazzling visual quality with crystal-clear sound.


Keeping It Healthy

In our health-conscious age, looking after mind, body, and soul is at the forefront of many people’s agendas. For those so inclined, expect to find an advanced gym paired with a spa for the all-important cooldown. Increasing numbers of luxury homes also feature a dedicated calm room for yoga and meditation, an especially important consideration in cities such as London where silence is a rarity.


Keeping It Sophisticated

Wine has always been an excellent investment, and every connoisseur requires a room to store and display their collection of vintages! Traditionally, wine is kept in cool cellars. However, luxury properties increasingly feature high-end wine rooms that are light-and-temperature controlled to ensure optimum ageing.


Keeping It Horticultural

When it comes to luxury homes, the grounds are everything. This sets the tone for the property, while complementing the atmosphere within. Expect to find artfully designed gardens that balance open spaces with secluded groves for ultimate privacy. The last decade has seen a growing move towards replacing neat sculpture with more natural, freer designs. As such, wildflowers and organic ponds are increasingly popular, even in fairly small properties.


Keeping It Personal

What makes a home luxurious is the deeply personal combination of elegance and comfort. Many luxury homes have bespoke features such as recording studios, games rooms, art studios, and indoor gardens – which reflect the personality of the owner.


Keeping It Beautiful

The purpose of interior design is to create a harmonised balance of space, line, and texture, with rare materials being used to create an exciting contrast. Expect to find features such as unusual varieties of stone, as well as the use of local materials that blend the property with its local heritage.


What Next?

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Image source: Pixabay