5 Interior Design Trends For The 2020’s: A Decade Of Discovery


5 Interior Design Trends For The 2020s - A Decade Of Discovery


A new decade is synonymous with the arrival of new trends, and an evolution in all aspects of home interior design. Here are five of the most engaging trends to look out for over the next few years.

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1) An Individual Touch

Driven by creative desire and a recognition that there is value in uniqueness, individuality looks set to be one of the dominant themes of the coming years. Approaches such as upcycling, crafting, and repurposing have been transformational in how people think and feel about their homes.

This is excellent news for artisans, as the market for custom pieces looks set to grow. It is even better news for anyone wishing to give their space a truly personal touch, as the opportunities are expanding.

2) Sustainable Choices

Sustainability is one of the trending terms as 2020 unfolds, and ecological awareness looks set to unfurl into a prominent agenda for the decade. Property owners are demanding sensitive and ethical solutions to everything from design sensibility to the sourcing of materials.

Sustainable choices currently have a distinct palette of greens, browns, and soft ambers. However, as the year unfolds, ecological themes are likely to adapt a brighter and more diverse identity.

3) Geometric Versus Floral

If there is to be one great interior design battle of the decade, it is between modernist geometry and bold florals. These two themes emerge every 50 to 100 years as powerful design statements, and underpin some of the most iconic images in history. Geometric designs draw upon ancient mathematical arts, and can be used both creatively and traditionally. Floral patterns have a diverse spectrum that varies from the subdued to the intense.

Given that mathematics and nature are endlessly intertwined, the odds are off on which one will emerge as the decade’s favourite. For interior designers, the options are tantalising.

4) Natural Stone Effects

Warm, comforting, and effortlessly tonal, natural stone is highly desirable in many interior design settings. However, it is prohibitively expensive for many projects. In recent years, developments in printing technology mean that even the most subtle textures can be recreated in porcelain. Resilient and eco-friendly, tiles can bring an authentic aura of the natural into the heart of any restoration project.

The 2020s will continue to see a mixture of local stones and rare colours used for floors, statement walls, and countertops, and tile designers will become increasingly bold and diverse.

5) Rustic Blends

History offers a wealth of ideas, and blending modernity with nostalgia has been en vogue of late. With so many heritage themes to choose from, the 2020s are likely to see this trend become increasingly mainstream. There is likely to be increased emphasis on local tones and palettes, as was seen in the award-winning Flint House. Using local craftspeople, and tuning in with nature, will become more and more important.

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Image source: Pixabay