7 Extraordinary Rooms You Will Only Find In A High-End Home


7 Extraordinary Rooms You Will Only Find In A High-End Home


Elegant, playful, nurturing, and comfortable; dream homes are statements of identity as much as places to live. Here are seven extraordinary rooms that are hidden behind the doors of high-end homes.

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1) Spacious Hallways & Entrances

It’s said that it takes seven seconds to make an impression. When visitors step into the entrance of a home, their minds are already forming firm ideas about the family that lives inside. Designing the hallway and entrance that reflects your values and identity is a vital part of setting the right tone.

2) A Library

There is real beauty in the ageless quiet of a library. In today’s digital world, a room full of printed knowledge is a contemplative, calming space. Libraries can be small, snug, nestled spaces, but can also be paired with high ceilings and deep windows.

3) Dressing Rooms

Filled with the soothing scent of perfume and the comfortable familiarity of favourite clothes and shoes, dressing rooms have long been the ultimate retreat, our own private space. The ideal dressing room is small, yet spacious, and is served by walk-in wardrobes.

4) A Games Room

Traditional panelled games rooms featuring a pool table and bar are still highly sought after. However, today’s high-end properties also tend to feature a modern variety decked out with games console, projectors and high definition screens.

5) A Cinema Room

Whether you like horror, comedy, action or chick-flick, the latest Hollywood films always look better on a big screen with a great sound system. Add reclining chairs, cup holders, and stair lights for the ultimate cinema experience. Basements are the perfect spaces for home cinema conversions.

6) Guest Suites

When your friends and family come to stay, they should feel as if they’re stepping into a high-end hotel room. A decent guest room comes with an additional space for cooking and eating, extras such as a mini-fridge or microwave, and a private bathroom.

7) Indoor Pool

Indoor pools give family and guests a place to exercise, relax, and unwind, without having to venture outdoors – just what you need in the chill of a British winter. Porcelain tile quality has come a long way in recent years, giving you greater creative expression in indoor pool design.

Closing Thoughts

Dream homes have many perfect places to explore and cherish. To start transforming your dreams into reality, have a chat with one of our custom home designers today.

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Image source: Unsplash