How To Find The Best Architects And Builders For My Dream Home


How To Find The Best Architects And Builders For My Dream Home


Building your dream home – either from the foundations as a new build, or by renovating an existing property, is a widely held dream. When the opportunity arises, however, many people become intimidated and unsure of where to begin.

Here’s our insider advice about how to get it right.

Guide to transforming your home

Set Goals

Successful projects are always goal-driven. While it is essential to have a vision of the completed home, mini-goals are what keeps the process moving forwards. Architects and builders should approach the process in organized, measurable, and manageable steps.


Ask Questions

Communication is at the heart of every redevelopment or new build. A two-way street, open communication means that the vision has a significantly higher chance of being realized. When selecting your design and build team, ask as many questions as possible, and be prepared to answer questions in return. This creates synergy and ensures a positive outcome.



Be realistic about the budget. Property redevelopment has a reputation for spiraling out of financial control. However, as long as there is good communication with the design-build team from the start, this can be avoided. Be honest about what you can realistically afford, and take time to analyze the figures regularly.


Hunt Out A Gem, But Don’t Be Duped

Greater London is peppered with properties that are ready for a revamp. Often, the price is tempting, and the end result is promising. However, the road to get from A to B can be an unpredictable and exhausting one. When selecting a property or piece of land, ask for advice from experienced property developers to determine the realism of the vision.


Have A Contingency Plan

Life is full of surprises, and many redevelopment projects have gone awry due to an unexpected intervention. From bad weather to global pandemics, some factors are beyond the control of the project manager. To realize your dream home, always have a Plan B, and ideally a Plan C too.


Examine The Portfolio

To a designer or architect, a portfolio is visible proof of their credibility. To you, the client, it is an indicator of the scope and depth of their expertise. Take time to look closely at the quality of the work, and ask questions about skills, project costs, and advice learned. A professional will be free and honest with their information.


Ask For References

If design and build professionals are good at what they do, people will talk. Asking around or checking online for testimonials is highly recommended. When exploring feedback, keep an open mind: the purpose is to match the company to the dream, and different visions have contrasting requirements.


What Next?

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Guide to transforming your home


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